Sherlock S3 UK Announcement!

The announcement for the UK air date for Sherlock, Series 3 has been a social media extravaganza!

It started with a cryptic tweets from Sue Vertue and BBC One:

Soon it became evident what all the fuss was about: a hearse (a nod to the title of S3’s first episode “The Empty Hearse”) with the air date of series 3 in white flowers:

— #SherlockLives (@BBCOne) November 29, 2013

Sherlockology encouraged everyone to share photos of the hearse as it went about town:

A couple promotional photos from the day’s activities:

1405021_631625506900350_282751476_o BaOGzrFCAAEwMm8.jpg_largeYou can see more by checking out the twitter hashtags #r3spects and #SherlockLives.

Sherlock S3 premiers in the UK January 1, 2014.


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