Get the word out about Sherlock S3!

Sherlock S3 will be airing in the US January 19 and we thought, wouldn’t it be great to help get the word out? While we won’t be renting a hearse to proclaim the air date, we did hatch a plan to help promote the show with a little guerrilla marketing.

It’s easy:

  1. Print a flyer.
    8.5×11 orange PDF
    8.5×11 black and white PDF
    (You can also photocopy the black and white design on florescent paper for extra effect!)
  2. Post it all over town.


What’s that squiggly thing? It’s QR code. When people scan it with their smart phone it will take them to a web page with details about Sherlock. There’s also a short link, in case they don’t have a QR code reader.

Can I modify the design? Sure! Make variations and come up with your own ideas for promoting the show.

BONUS: Show Your Respects

Want to do something a little more clever?

  1. Print out this template.
    6×6 black and white PDF
  2. Fold it into an origami lily. (Instructions here)
  3. Wear it on your lapel, give them to people you meet, and leave them in strategic places for other people to find.


Why lilies? We were inspired by Sherlockology‘s #r3pects imagery. It also looks like white lilies were placed at Sherlock’s grave, and made up the air date announcement in the hearse.

BaOGzrFCAAEwMm8.jpg_largeThat’s it! Let’s share our enthusiasm with the rest of the world and get the word out about Sherlock S3!


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