Sherlock Pajama Party Watch-a-long – Starting 8/28


WETA UK is re-airing Sherlock Series 1 and 2 starting August 28 at 10:30pm, and we want to watch with you!
Since 10:30pm is kind of late we thought why not make it a pajama party watch-a-long? Here’s how it works:

  • Wear your ‘jamas (keep it PG, please–no battle dress!)
  • Tune in to WETA UK at 10:30pm
    Wednesday, August 28 for A Study in Pink
    Wednesday, September 4 for The Blind Banker
    Wednesday, September 11 for The Great Game
    Wednesday, September 25 for The Hounds of Baskerville
    Wednesday, October 2 for The Reichenbach Fall
  • Visit our chat room at
    • You don’t need to create a special profile–just a username, or using your existing Facebook, or Twitter account
    • To participate you can type or video chat (with or without sound)–whatever you’re comfortable with.
  • Chat away about how great the episode is!

It’s our first time trying this, so let us know your questions, comments, and feedback. Hope to see you next Wednesday!


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