tumblr_molujlj06N1qksijlo3_500The Baker Street BabesBeing Geek ChicThe Nerdy GirlieSherlockDC, and Cara McGee will be attending San Diego Comic Con!

In celebration of all things Sherlock Holmes we’ve collaborated to host a part for Sherlockians. How can you get in on the excitement?

If you are going to be in San Diego…

Join us at Brick + Mortar Thursday July 18th from 6 – 9 p.m. for of sleuthing, tea, games, prizes. You DON’T need a SDCC badge to attend. The party is ALL AGES.

Get tickets!

Can’t be there?

Participate in our SherlockeDCC campaign! Pick your donation amount and receive some excellent perks in return, including:

  • SherlockeDCC badges, buttons, keychains, prints and sticker sets
  • 221B Wallpaper Print T-Shirt
  • Limited Edition mini comic
  • Cara McGee Tea
  • Limited edition mugs
  • Your ad on SherlockeDCC participating websites
  • Sherlock and Watson cardboard cutouts
  • …and more!

PLUS your donation will be funding some pretty fantastic Sherlockian merriment.

Get all the perk package details and donate HERE!



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