Guest Post: Lynne Stephens on Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek

Monday, May 20 at the monthly Watson’s Tin Box meeting Lynne Stephens presented on the topic of Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek.



“A case which certainly presents some features of interest …”
Leonard Nimoy once famously appeared as Sherlock Holmes in a production of William Gillette’s play, but that’s not the only connection between Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek. Please join us as Lynne Stephens illuminates on the intersections between our favorite topic, and Gene Roddenberry’s immortal masterwork.


Seventy-nine years and 5,448 miles separate their debuts. Even so, the worlds of Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes share a remarkable roster of similarities and commonalities in themes, characters, and creative contributors. Join Lynne Stephens (@meiringal) for a fast-paced comparison between the adventurers in gaslights and galaxies. She’ll wrap it up with a consideration of two distinctive ST:TNG episodes featuring the Napoleon of crime.

Lynne graciously agreed to share a PDF of her presentation, and her article “A Study in Starlight” on Star Trek: The Next Generation’s portrayal of Moriarty which appeared in Starlog magazine, May 1993. Enjoy!

SHST-final[1]-1_SMDownload Lynne’s presentation [PDF]

starlog1_SMDownload Lynne’s article “A Study in Starlight” [PDF]


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